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Auditing Software, Inspection Software, Time Study Software
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Software to automate and improve your time study and work study or audit and inspection using handheld computers and online compliance management tools

Automate and improve any time study, work study, audit or inspection by using mobiles and portable computers
UmtPlus - for Work Measurement including time study and work sampling

Work measurement software ideal for Time Studies, Lean Manufacturing, Work  Sampling, and Self work sampling on mobile devices.

Trusted by over 500 companies worldwide to improve their audits, inspections, time studies and work sampling
Trusted by over 500 companies worldwide
What our customers are saying about this audit software and work measurement software
"What used to take 4 to 8 weeks for a work sampling project now can be completed in less than a week."
-Kristen McCloskey Dexter, FedEx
We Provide Inspection, Time Study Software & More

Many organizations aren't sure how much time studies can improve their operations, and therefore profit. And, some of those who do recognize how critical time studies are perform them the "old way" with a stopwatch and notepad. Laubrass provides you with UMT Plus time study software to implement world-class continuous improvement projects such as Kaizen, Kanban, Six Sigma, and Lean manufacturing.

The Importance of Mobile Auditing Software

Experts charged with inspecting and auditing businesses of every kind are turning more and more to mobile devices to provide a level of oversight, compliance, and remediation that no clipboard and checklist inspection report could ever deliver. Laubrass' UMT Audit software offers the most flexible and completely customizable auditing solution on the market.

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Laubrass is an auditing software company. We provide custom solutions for multiple industries including internal audit software, time analysis audit software, inspection auditor software, healthcare compliance audit software, work measurement software, time study software and more.

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