Industry leaders worldwide are saving time using UMT products, you could too.

Case studies about using Work Measurement software
Improving Productivity [Work Measurement in Retail]
How Avon realized productivity improvements of up to 70% using UmtPlus® software.

Identifying Interruptions [Work Measurement in Banking]
A success story on how the IT personnel from a bank improved their work organization using UmtPlus®.

Decrease Hospital Waiting Times [Work Measurement in Healthcare]
Learn how the average waiting time for patients in a hospital's emergency section dropped from 3.5 hours to 15 minutes.

Laubrass Marshals New Resources [Work Measurement in Retail]
A case study on why Marshall Field's, a division of Target Corporation, selected UmtPlus® software to do their Work Measurement.

Beyond the Stopwatch [Work Measurement in Manufacturing]
A case study on how UmtPlusTM is being used to optimize truck assembly lines.

Timely Care [Work Measurement in Healthcare]
A case study on how nurses can spend more time with their patients.

Testing Speed, Faster [Time Studies in Engineering]
A success story about how an engineering consulting firm improved their tests for calibrating Material Handling Equipment (MHE).

Tracking Hospital Staff Transit Time [Healthcare Time Study]
Learn how Montreal’s Douglas Institute performed a study proving that they are losing an estimated 7.5 million dollars a year due to their current structural layout.

Setting Standards [Work Sampling in Warehouses]
How UMT Plus has eliminated the paperwork involved in Work Sampling at a warehouse.

Delivering Success [Work Sampling in Shipping]
A case study about how FedEx can now complete accurate work sampling studies across 29 distribution centers in less than a week..

Case studies about using Audit / Inspection Software
New Software for Auditors [Auditing for ISO]
Experienced lead auditor, Michel Langlois, describes the benefits of using Laubrass' newest software program for handheld computers.

Automating the Audit Process [Auditing in Transportation]
A case study on how Ryder is saving over 3,900 working hours annually by using UmtAudit

Better Safety Audits in Less Time. [Auditing on construction sites]
How SSLC is saving 25-30% of their time on construction site safety audits.

University of Chicago Medical Center Case Study [Auditing in Healthcare]
Case study on how a healthcare facility is profiting from using handheld technology to standardize and simplify their audit processes.

Tracking Adverse Drug Events [Auditing in Healthcare]
A case study about how UmtAudit™ is being used in an effort to decrease adverse drug events in American hospitals.

Capturing costs in Dorm Maintenance
A case study about how Caughlin Services is using UmtAudit™ at Trinity University to improve their facility management and capture lost capital due to damages in dorm facilities.

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