Experienced lead auditor, Michel Langlois, describes the benefits of using handheld technology to perform ISO Audits.

Internal quality reviews using handheld technology

"Using this innovative tool alleviates so much extra work, especially for the lead auditor. It is a tool that helps me to do a better audit,"

- Michel Langlois,
ISO Lead Auditor at QMI

Case Study: UMT Audit Software improves ISO Audit process

For 25 years Langlois has been conducting a variety of ISO audits, this year he started fresh with Laubrass’ UMT Audit software package. Now that he has made the transition from tedious note taking and lengthy report gathering, to a superior method of automated data collection, Langlois promises that he will never go back.”

Performing an audit is a complex process which requires planning and organizing. This can be a time consuming and tedious exercise. Common tasks include: the need to write and re-write similar observations, dealing with the piles of paperwork involved in data collecting, and finally organizing the audit report with appropriate pictures and observations can be a lengthy ordeal.

Langlois explains, “ often have to spend a lot of overtime compiling observations into reports. Now, my time is used more effectively because I don’ have to sort through all the documents nor make sense of scribbled notes.”

Solution: Go paperless
In order to meet the expectations of professionals, Laubrass’ founder and president, Charles Brassard, sought out experienced auditors, to direct the development of a product that will solve auditing headaches. The end result is a sophisticated software program that runs on handheld computers to easily perform PAPER FREE AUDITS.

Using UMT Audit, customized protocols and audit processes can be uploaded onto a PDA, you can even include images to better identify the assessment needs, which minimizes your training times. Also, using automated predefined answers, or free hand notes, you can quickly record your assessments with greater accuracy. Furthermore, it is possible to directly insert evidential photographs to your assessments using your PDA.

Once the audit process is complete, so is your report, because UMT Audit generates instant audit reports to be printed on site or sent to your PC. “ I can easily hand in my reports at the close of an audit. The most advantageous feature for me is that with the UmtAudit the post audit stage is drastically reduced” says Langlois.

Langlois describes that "UMT Audit has proven to be an effective and desirable tool to ease any kind of custom assessment." Eliminating the paperwork means that you save time and money.

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