Work Measurement Software Reviews

Case studies on continuous improvement projects using the UMT Product Suites:

Improving Productivity [Work Measurement in Retail]
How Avon realized productivity improvements of up to 70% using UmtPlus® software.

Identifying Interruptions [Work Measurement in Banking]
a success story on how the IT personnel from a bank improved their work organization using UmtPlus®.

Decrease Hospital Waiting Times [Work Measurement in Healthcare]
Learn how the average waiting time for patients in a hospital's emergency section dropped from 3.5 hours to 15 minutes.

Laubrass Marshals New Resources [Work Measurement in Retail]
a case study on why Marshall Field's, a division of Target Corporation, selected UmtPlus® software to do their Work Measurement.

Beyond the Stopwatch [Work Measurement in Manufacturing]
a case study on how UmtPlusTM is being used to optimize truck assembly lines.

Timely Care [Work Measurement in Healthcare]
a case study on how nurses can spend more time with their patients.

Montreal company is revolutionizing work measurement studies
Press Release, Laubrass Inc. announces that they have reached the 1,300 licenses sold mark.


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