Les produits UMT. A l'avant garde de la croissance en productivité

"Ce qui nous prenait de 4 à 8 semaines pour effectuer un projet d'échantillonnages, nous prend maintenant moins d'une semaine."
- Kristen McCloskey Dexter, FedEx

Projets d'amélioration continue utilisants la technologie UmtPlus :

Best Practices and Tools For Using Standards in Your Lean Process
IISE sponsored webinar from August 2019 showcasing UMT Products
Moving forward in 2021
The new processes put into to place last year are being validated and measured, new ways of working and distributing goods being tested and re-formatted and tested again. How is your company re-focusing in 2021?
More Effective and Productive Audits and Inspections with Mobile Devices
An article about trends in using mobile devices for audits and inspections.
Montreal company is revolutionizing work measurement studies
Press Release, Laubrass Inc. announces that they have reached the 1,300 licenses sold mark.
Benefits of using UmtPlus for self work sampling
an article that describes the benefits of using UmtPlus to enable employees to log their own activities.
Rerence letter from Quebec Healthcare CSSS
Our UMT Audit and UMT San distributor, Luc Fortin, iis promoting the use of UMT software to improve and standardize sanitation procedures within Quebec hospitals and healthcare facilities.
Hospital Workflow Software Reference letter
Reference Letter for hospital workflow software

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