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Hospital Workflow Software Reference letter

The housekeeping and sanitation department at the Honoré-Mercier Hospital of CSSS Richelieu-Yamaska in Quebec recently launched a new program to better manage bed transfers and discharges while preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Developed in collaboration with Laubrass Inc., the software includes a real time interactive status dashboard of all beds, their sanitation staff are notified on their tablets when a room needs cleaning and whether or not extra measures are needed according to the protocol for infectious disease. Due to the workflow optimization created with UMT Flow, each cleaner can now disinfect one additional room per shift and administrators are able to more quickly pull up relevant reports to confirm housekeeping activity, improving hospital wide efficiency and transparency.

Pleased with the work done by Laubrass to develop workflow software for their hospital, the Project director sent the following letter of reference to Laubrass.

March 9 , 2015.
Mr. Charles Brassard
Laubrass Inc.

Subject : Appreciation for Exceptional Collaboration

Mr. Brassard,
For several months we have had the opportunity to collaborate on the development of UMT Flow as a tool to more efficiently manage the initiation and delegation of hygiene and sanitation tasks within hospital centers.

At this time we would like to express our sincere satisfaction with Laubrass on this innovative project. Because of the support and assistance of your staff, our project came to life and we were able to start using the software last November.

On numerous occasions we called your technical support team and each time they were able to clearly understand our needs and respond with minimal delays.

Once again Mr. Brassard, we thank you for listening and for the excellent support from your team. We are convinced that this software improves the quality of customer service at CSSS Richelieu-Yamaska.

France Le Blond
Directrice des services d’hôtellerie et de nutrition Clinique
Complete letter available in PDF format here:
Healthcare Workflow Software Reference Letter

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