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Montreal company is revolutionizing work measurement studies
Montreal, QC – November 14, 2005
A Quebec organization, Laubrass Inc. announces this week that they have reached the 1,300 licenses sold mark. Their innovative software, UmtPlus® is “revolutionizing the way that work measurement is done” says one client. The software is being used all across North America, in Europe, South America and most recently the 1,300th license went to Israel Electric.
“We have grown to be a world renowned company” says Founder and President, Charles Brassard. Work measurement, an integral part of industrial engineering, is the study of the time that a given task would take when performed by a qualified worker. By studying the way in which time is spent in the workplace, organizations can optimize their processes to increase their productivity.
The UmtPlusTM software runs on handheld computers and replaces the need for stopwatches and clipboards. Bill Tolo of Marshall Field’s Retail was one of the first users of UmtPlusTM, “it’s the stopwatch of the 21ST century,” he says.
About Laubrass:
Founded in 1993, Laubrass facilitates and optimizes the process of conducting quality audits and work measurement studies by leveraging handheld computing tools. Their software programs are being used in a variety of industries internationally.


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