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Benefits of using UmtPlus for self work sampling
Work measurement studies are often used to identify non-value adding activities (i.e. wasted time) with the goal of increasing overall productivity. What is ironic about this is that many companies are actually wasting time while they are trying to find out where time is wasted!
One of our consultants realized that their current method of work sampling was doing just that wasting time- including countless hours spent on following and observing employees, data base configuration and data entry, all of which were considered nonvalue adding activities. They decided to program a configuration to be used for self sampling*.
How? By using UmtPlus to enable self sampling on handheld computers, this allowed employees to easily and efficiently log their own data. Furthermore, using the StatUmt software program, employees could quickly upload this data to a sophisticated and user friendly analytical program.
What are the actual benefits of using UmtPlus for Self Sampling?
  • More accurate data- The employee knows what he or she is doing more so than any observer would. Furthermore, the mere presence of an observer would cause the employee to work slightly differently, meaning that the data would not be representative of a normal work day.
  • Less training involved- Using a handheld for self work sampling is simple- an alarm sounds, the employee taps on the screen, that's it. Because it is so easy to use, anyone can do it.
  • Easier and more flexible data analyses- With the UmtPlus statistics program (StatUmt) the data is uploaded with the click of a button and instantly you can view graphs, charts and lists which can be manipulated for your analyses. An important benefit of StatUmt is that you can open multiple studies at once in seconds, where as with excel, this would take hours and would need to be done by an excel expert.
  • Save money by hiring less staff- By using the self sampling technique, you do not have to hire any observers. By using a sophisticated statistical program, you do not have to hire someone to do data entry, nor do you have to hire anyone to format the data for analysis, it's already done for you.
For more information on the self sampling technique, and on how to take advantage of
StatUmt, please contact us.
*Self sampling is not necessarily right for all work measurement studies. UmtPlus can also be used to facilitate all other kinds of work measurement studies.


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