V20 Android Installation Guide
  • 1. Download PC modules on your computer

1. Download PC modules on your computer

Use this link to download UMT Manager and STAT UMT PC modules:
(You might need to copy and paste the link on a new tab for the download to start)
Use UMT Manager to personalize your study.
(A startup guide is available in the UMT Manager Help menu)
Use STAT UMT to review and analyze your data
(A guide to analyzing data and generating reports is in the STAT UMT Help menu)
**UMT Video is ONLY AVAILABLE WITH UMT PLUS MAX*** (Contact to Upgrade)
Use UMT Video to synchronize your video files with UMT Plus for time studies
Watch the youtube video here for more info about UMT video:  Laubrass-UMTvideo
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