V20 Android Installation Guide
  • 2. Download App on your Android device

2. Download App on your Android device

Before downloading the app, please go into your device settings to “allow installation of non-market applications”. Depending on your device the location of this option will vary, it should be in your Setting parameters under Security or Apps.
Your Android device will need access to the internet either through a WiFi connection or a cellular data plan. Please contact us if this is not possible and we’ll help you out.
·       Use this link to download the trial version of UMT Plus on your Android device:
When the download is complete, you will see an Icon in the top/left corner of the screen.  From the top, swipe down until the notifications screen is displayed.
Tap the UmtPlus_V20_x_xx.apk and follow the onscreen directions to complete the install.
Once installed, choose the right communication method for your setup.
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