Work measurement software ideal for time studies, lean manufacturing, and self work sampling.

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Many organizations aren't sure how much time studies can improve their operations, and therefore profit. And, some of those who do recognize how critical the studies are still perform them the "old way" with a stopwatch and notepad. Our proven time study app replaces the lengthy process of using stopwatches and notepads, eliminating the tedious task of data entry, making time studies and work sampling easier and more efficient. These valuable studies are reduced in duration from weeks and months to a matter of days, allowing the company to implement changes and solutions much faster.

Saving you Time & Money

Collecting data using the UmtPlus time study app can save you more than 50% of the time you would have spent using a stopwatch. Furthermore, by eliminating the step of manual data entry, you minimize the risk of potential error

Your Study, Your Way

Whether it is self sampling or more traditional work measurement studies, UmtPlus is developed to be a flexible program that allows you to easily customize each study for your mobile device to suit your needs.

Find your solutions faster

Doing work measurement studies with your UmtPlus time study mobile application grants you instant access to reports that will help you to quickly determine where and how to implement your solutions.

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Work Measurement for Health Care

The first step in improving patient to nurse care time and decreasing hospital wait times is understanding time in hospitals. UMT Plus can help, we even have a carefully built configuration specific to nurses and physicians, Time Study RN, which also includes access to a nationwide data base to compare hospital wide standards.

Time Studies for Retail

Retail companies large and small use UMT Plus mobile applications in their continuous improvement plans to achieve operational excellence. Accessible time study data helps retailers improve efficiency and reduce waste from their supply chain to warehousing and the frontline operations.

Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies were at the forefront of Lean principles, now in a competitive global economy it is more important than ever for manufacturing companies to minimize waste and maximize time spent on value adding activities. Knowing where time is spent is the first step, and that is what UMT Plus does.

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UmtPlus includes 3 comprehensive software modules:

UMT Manager

This program allows you to easily create, edit and manage any number of configurations from a PC to perform your time study or work sampling.

UMT Plus Time study mobile application

This program allows you to accurately collect data for work measurement using the mobile app for iOS, Android or other tablets and smartphones.


This program allows you to instantly review reports and graphs while easily manipulating data for analysis on a PC

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