Healthcare AuditsImprove efficiency and accuracy in your healthcare audits or inspections. Used by healthcare professionals for:
  • Hospital Accreditation audits
  • Medicare CoP audits
  • Tracking Adverse Drug Events
  • Facility maintenance & Sanitation inspections
  • Any Medical Audits
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Professional Audit and Inspection SoftwareUMT Audit® Software makes any kind of audit or inspection easy and more efficient. Our software is flexible and customizable, so we can create a program that is just for your needs, whether it is a simple inspection template or a complete audit management program.

The software can be used with any tablet or mobile device, and audit results can be exported to reports or accessed securely online. A completely customizable audit solution has never been so powerful and so affordable.
Learn from the proof.Ryder has automated its regular internal quality reviews with UmtAudit and the result is a savings of 3,900 working hours annually.Learn more
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Healthcare - Go paperless to improve patient care and productivity.

Hospitals and medical centers looking for a better way to perform audits are finding the answers with UMT Audit Software. With this sophisticated software solution, healthcare professionals can stay on top of long term audits and patient files. The result is an improvement in patient care.

How will UMT Audit software improve the audit process at my healthcare facility?

The risk of missing information or mistakes is significantly reduced.
You can set up your audit with mandatory sections.

You make the right assessment every time.
UMT Audit software lets you include information pertinent to each question. Or you can set up predetermined notes and answers for every observation.

You have the reports and data you need where and when you want it.
Everything is in the palm of your hand because our UMT Audit software works with a handheld computer.

You decide where you want your information to go with just the click of a button.
Integrate it with your existing data base, print reports on site or use the online feature. All data is encrypted and safeguarded to protect patient information.

How will UMT Audit software benefit my healthcare facility?

You will be ready for an accreditation audit at all times.
UMT Audit can be programmed so that you can easily keep up.

Your valuable time can be spent on more important things.
With UMT Audit Software you eliminate the entire data entry phase.

Reports no longer get lost in the shuffle.
You will be able to quickly and efficiently share reports and data between all departments in your healthcare facility.

You can perform any audit or inspection you need to.
It's all about flexibility. With one product you can perform a medical audit, hipaa audit, medicare audit, internal review, healthcare compliance audit. Your possibilities are endless.

Healthcare Audits you can improve on:

  • CoP
  • Core Measures
  • Adverse Event
  • Adverse Drug Event
  • Trigger Tools
  • Custom Audits

Case study 1: Hospital Accreditation Audits

Hospitals need to be ready for anything, all the time. The University of Chicago Medical Center switched from paper audits to UMT Audit software and it has proven to save time. Plus, they are continually finding ways it can help improve patient care. Read this healthcare compliance case study

Case study 2: Tracking Adverse Drug Events

The Health System, a non profit organization, tracks adverse drug events in the US. They have cut their workload in half, thanks to UMT Audit software, as well as significantly minimized the risk of false assessments. Read this medical audit case study

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