iOSNew version of our UMT Plus Work measurement software for iOS devices including iPhone, iPads and iPods is available on the app store.

Purchase the time study app directly from apple, then unlock the software by licensing the PC modules with Laubrass.

UMT Plus has been developed over 20 years, always improving and adapting to new technology to give you the best work measurement software on the market.

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New UMT Plus Version 20

UmtPlus version 20 is now available for iOS and Android.

The upgraded version now offers a new video module and new communication options with DropBox and OneDrive. Please contact your account executive for more details on how to upgrade. 

Expect more from your Work Measurement software
Collecting data on a mobile device with UmtPlus® is more than 50% faster than using a stopwatch. Furthermore, by eliminating the step of manual data entry, you minimize the risk of potential error.

UmtPlus is your essential tool to identify waste, optimize your resources, and increase your productivity. It's easy, we'll show you how.
How it Works
Easier Data CapturePerform electronic work measurement studies more easily and more efficiently.
  • Program your own set of elements to observe
  • Times captured to 1/100th of a second
  • View and edit all observations at any time while on the floor
  • Use multiple mobile devices at once to collect data
  • Add comments / notes/ photos / GPS tags to observations
Try it. You'll like it.See for yourself how UMT software can help you improve your business. Our support team can set you up with all the training and tools you need to start saving time now. Click below to get started. It's that easy. Download 30 day Trial

Work Measurement Software available for iOS

We have heard the demand and now have a version of the UMT Plus time study and sampling software for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The look of UMT Plus Version 19 on Apple devices has a new and improved modern user interface with the same reliability you expect from Laubrass. To purchase the UMT Plus Time Study app for iPhone or iPad, you will first need to go to the App Store and select the UMT Plus App that comes with a complete generic OEE study template. To unlock the software and customize your own studies, you can buy the PC module directly from Laubrass.

Visit the App store now UMT Plus Time Study App for iOS

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