Audit / Inspection Case Studies

Case studies on how UMT Audit is being customized to improve Audits and inspections in every industry:

New Software for Auditors [Auditing for ISO]
Experienced lead auditor, Michel Langlois, describes the benefits of using Laubrass' newest software program for handheld computers.

Automating the Audit Process [Auditing in Transportation]
A case study on how Ryder is saving over 3,900 working hours annually by using UmtAudit

Better Safety Audits in Less Time. [Auditing on construction sites]
How SSLC is saving 25-30% of their time on construction site safety audits.

University of Chicago Medical Center Case Study [Auditing in Healthcare]
Case study on how a healthcare facility is profiting from using handheld technology to standardize and simplify their audit processes.

Tracking Adverse Drug Events [Auditing in Healthcare]
A case study about how UmtAudit™ is being used in an effort to decrease adverse drug events in American hospitals.

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