Partnership Benefits

As one of Laubrass’ esteemed partners, you can expect to generate substantial revenue both by selling UmtProducts and also by creating relative turnkey solution packages for your customers.

How will you benefit?

  • You will be able to generate revenue from commissions on licenses sold.
  • You will be able to profit from offering services around the software such as consulting, training and selling your own customized configurations
  • You will be able to impress your customers with quality software programs that are key to implementing continuous improvement plans and lean manufacturing initiatives
  • You can use the software as a starting point to deliver a complete service to your customers
  • Your organization will be affiliated with an internationally recognized company that has high profile clients all over the world

All the support you need to get the results you want

  • Complete product training free of charge
  • All the technical support you need for free
  • Free web demonstrations about our software for your customers
  • Access to sell Laubrass’ configuration templates
  • Opportunities to co-advertise with Laubrass
  • Access to Laubrass marketing material

How can we help you?

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