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Software solutions to minimize data entry and improve process flow to put your company at the forefront of increased productivity. Better manage audits, inspections, work measurement, workspace mapping, sanitation management, and optimize any custom workflow.

Work measurement and labour standards

Understand where time is spent

Save time trying to figure out where you are spending time. A software application that works on tablets and smartphones to perform professional time studies and work sampling.

UMT Plus

Map and plan workspaces

Determine the best layout for optimal productivity within your facility. Sophisticated mapping simulation software to visualize workflow and quickly design productive spaces.


Engineered labor standards

Your engineered labor standards just got easier to manage. This new database application allows your Industrial Engineers to professionally build, edit and share standards. Complete control and accessibility across your whole organization.

UMT Standards

Electronic Audits and Inspections

Do better audits electronically

Take any of your current paper inspections or audits and do them on a tablet. Quickly identify non-conformance and send corrective action notifications. Get better audit reports faster.

UMT Audit

Modernize sanitation management

Replace out-of-date technology to better manage housekeeping routes, easily track cleaning times and quickly provide evidence-based data. Prevent infectious diseases with better sanitation management.


Process Optimization Tools

Take control of your processes

Define, manage, initiate and track every step in your workflow. Use modern technology to better track your tasks and overtime optimize the complete process flow.

UMT Flow

Get help resolving complex problems

Take advantage of professional consulting services that use a patented multi-objective (targets) and multivariate Stochastic Approximation Optimization methodology and software.

UMT Quantis

Get your team on board

Process optimization can't happen if your whole team is not invested. Get your team on the right track by giving them the training they need, in a fun way.

UMT Play

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