Are you a consultant looking for tools to support your clientele? We've got them.

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Are you offering your customers effective strategies to improve productivity? Do you have the solutions in your toolbox to help a company grow and meet its demands to sustain continuous improvement? Laubrass works with consultants all over the globe to give them the training and tools required to help world-class organizations succeed.

UMT Products are customizable software solutions that consultants use for lean manufacturing and various continuous improvement projects.

Work measurement and labour standards

Understand where time is spent

The first step in working with an organization is understanding where their time is spent. Our UMT Plus software is an easy-to-use mobile app providing professional analysis of working time.

Work Measurement Tool

Map and plan effective workspaces

Determine the best layout for optimal productivity within your client's facility. Sophisticated mapping simulation software to visualize workflow and quickly design productive spaces.

Work Space Mapping

Gauge and manage labor standards

Benchmark value-adding times across your industry using professional software that includes industry-specific labor standards. New product will be released in 2017.

UMT Standard

Automate Audits and Inspections

Do better audits electronically

Take any paper inspections or audits and do them on a tablet. Quickly identify non-conformance and send corrective action notifications. Send customized audit reports faster.

Audit Software Application

Modernize sanitation management

Replace out-of-date technology to better manage housekeeping routes, easily track cleaning times and quickly provide evidence-based data. Prevent infectious diseases with better sanitation management.

Sanitation Management

Process Optimization Tools

Implement cost effecitve workflow

Define, manage, initiate and track every step of a workflow. Use modern technology to better track tasks and overtime optimize the complete process flow.

Workflow Software

Get help resolving complex problems

Take advantage of professional consulting services that use a patented multi-objective (targets) and multivariate Stochastic Approximation Optimization methodology and software.

Product Development

Innovative training kit

Consultants looking for the right tool to provide LEAN training need not look any further. Get your team energized for changed by giving them an interactive simulation experience.

Lean Training Game Kit

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