Improve processes within healthcare facilities.

Healthcare providers, hospital administrators and government legislatures are continually faced with the challenge of creating a better healthcare system - one that is integrated, patient-centred, data-driven, delivers coordinated care, ensures a safe environment, and emphasizes value and care outcomes.

The complexity of optimizing how care is delivered is by no means an easy task and involves continual training and strong leadership initiatives within each department. Laubrass is here to help by providing innovative technology and inclusive services to improve processes within healthcare facilities.

Work measurement and labour standards

Understand where Nurse and Dr time is spent

Save time trying to figure out where you are spending time. A software application that works on tablets and smartphones to perform professional time studies and work sampling.

UMT Plus

Map and plan efficient hospital layout

Determine the best layout for optimal productivity within your hospital. Spend more time on patient care by having a better floor plan that minimizes transit time.


National Benchmarking database for nurses

Compare your hospital's direct care times using a national benchmarking database created for TCAB by looking at 71 work activities from over 700 hospitals across North America

Time Study RN

Sanitation Audits and Accreditation Readiness

Streamline your audit processes for more accessible data

Take any of your current sanitation inspections or hospital audits and do them on a tablet. Quickly identify non-conformance within your healthcare facility and send corrective action notifications. Be ready for hospital accreditation at all times with more organized data. Audits are easier to do and results are more readily available.

UMT Audit

Modernize sanitation management and scheduling

Replace out-of-date technology to facilitate housekeeping scheduling and prevent infectious diseases with better sanitation management. Easily track cleaning times and quickly provide evidence-based data. If an outbreak happens, be sure that your team has traceability of their actions, UMT SAN has real-time data accessible within minutes.


Process Optimization Tools

Patient discharge and bed change management

Define, manage, initiate and track every step in your hospital workflow. Use modern technology to better track your tasks and overtime optimize the complete patient flow.

UMT Flow

Consulting and services for hospitals

Process optimization can't happen if your whole team is not invested. Get your team on the right track by giving them the training they need, in a fun way.

UMT Play

Case studies from hospitals using process improvement tools and techniques

Tracking Adverse Drug Events

In an effort to decrease adverse drug events in American hospitals, some 20 auditors used UMT Audit® technology to assess thousands of patient files across seven different hospitals.

The Health System needed a solution to effectively collect data from patient files so that their national office could synthesize and collectively analyze the results.

Using UMT Audit on mobile devices has proven to be an effective tool for the 20 auditors in the field assessing thousands of patient files. The data is easier to get and more quickly available for analyses.

Be ready for hospital accreditation

The University of Chicago Medical Center is profiting from using Laubrass technology to standardize and simplify their audit processes. Their staff is using mobile devices to audit 5 patient charts per unit, in all 28 units every month. The UMT Audit Software allows each of the hospital’s departments to have virtually real-time data about their unit, and they are always ready for an accreditation audit.

By converting their audits to an electronic system, the hospital staff have gained a day or two back every week.

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