Strategies and solutions to improve retail sector processes.

In today's global economy every step from manufacturing to the point of sale and customer service impacts organizational success. It is essential to establish best practices that are continually tested and improved upon. Process optimization can be directed at product development, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and transportation, and even marketing and customer service processes.

The key ingredient is time and how you spend it. World-Class organizations are able to get their products into customer's hands efficiently and effectively by minimizing any non-value adding time throughout their entire supply chain processes.

Productivity measurement and labour standards

Understand Value Added versus Non Value Added time

Work activities that do not add value to your product or service are considered Non Value Adding activities (NVA). Continually monitoring how time is spent is the best way to determine where the highest rate of NVAs are within your supply chain. Implementing professional work measurement tools is the first step to maximizing productivity by understanding and eliminating NVA time.

Time Study Software

Map and plan efficient warehouse and storefront layouts

Any time that is spent in transit is essentially wasted time. Having a floor plan that decreases travel time and unnecessary movement is crucial to maximizing productivity. There are a lot of layout and design programs to assist with floor plans, but first, you need to know in real time where delays occur and how the new layout will improve production. How do you do this?

Workspace Mapping

Modernize and Optimize Quality Control and Development

Automate audits and routine inspections

Take any of your current routine inspections or Quality control audits and do them on a tablet. Quickly identify non-conformance within your supply chain and send corrective action notifications. Audits are easier to do and results are more readily available.

Custom Audit Software

Develop new products more efficiently

Developing new products for the market can be time-consuming and costly. Take advantage of Laubrass expertise and their software powered by QuantisWeb to develop or modify your product development to be faster and more cost-effective.

Product Development

Process Optimization Tools for Retail and Logistics Companies

Control each step of your supply chain

Define, manage, initiate and track every step in your workflow from the manufacturing of the product to point of sale. Use modern technology to better track tasks and overtime optimize the complete cycle.

Workflow Management

Consulting and services for retail

Process optimization can't happen if your whole team is not invested. Get your team on the right track by showing them the impact of visual work stations, LEAN, TPM and Toyota Kata management approach.

Lean Training Kit

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