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Laubrass provides proven consulting services based on years of experience and extensive credentials from a team of experts. We are a company that is passionate about efficiency and driven to provide innovative consulting services.

Working within the specific needs of each client, we aim to assist in the optimization of production lines and administrative processes.

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Consulting services with specialties in:

  • Work Measurement
  • Engineered Labour Standards
  • Lean and Six Sigma Strategies
  • Kaizen, TPM approaches
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Methods Engineering
  • Process design
  • System design
  • Technical training and lecturing
  • Implementing sustainable continuous improvement projects

Consulting services through Strategic partners

In order to provide industry-specific expertise and professionalism, Laubrass consultants work in collaboration with strategic partners to offer top-quality consulting services.

After evaluating your needs, Laubrass consultants will determine which specialties are required and may request specific assistance from our qualified partners. In some cases, we may refer you directly to one of our partners if that is the best decision for offering consulting to your organization.

Similarly, Laubrass consultants work alongside other firms to provide expert advice when needed.

G.H. Bishop Global

  • Operational efficiency
  • Industrial engineering
  • Labor standards
  • Operations management
  • Process optimization
  • Manufacturing, distribution, transport, retail
  • Services for companies and unions

Rapid Modeling Corporation

  • Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) initiative
  • National benchmarking database on how hospital staff spend time (Time Study RN)
  • Expertise in optimizing processes within hospitals
  • workspace mapping and workflow Simulation
  • Work measurement services (UmtPlus)
  • Quality audit services (UmtAudit)
  • Workforce planning

Le Groupe R. Coulombe

  • Reliability diagnostics (Audit)
  • Introducing best practices
  • Integration and support for GMAO
  • Training and conferences
  • Support and coaching on roles and responsibilities
  • Continuous improvement
  • Major transition planning
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analyses
  • Sustainable design

JGL Consultants, inc.

  • Sanitation management consulting
  • Preventative services
  • Software and Applications
  • Property management
  • Complete maintenance services/li>
  • Window Cleaning
  • Electrical services
  • preventitive maintenance
  • Supply Operational support

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