Government software and services available for both USA and Canada

A variety of our UMT Products are being used by Canadian hospitals, Canadian Military, US Census Bureau, US Military, Department of aviation, and Air Transport Security, as well as within other government departments.

Laubrass consultants are available to provide consulting and software design services for Government. Call today to see what we can do for you. Specific information for governments provided below.

GSA Contract #: GS-35F-0459T

For more information about USA government contracts contact Nelson Lee at:

FDCC (Federal Desktop Core Configuration Requirement)

  • Certificate for UmtPlus package. Click here to open the document.
  • Certificate for UmtAudit package. Click here to open the document.

Laubrass is registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR)

Laubrass DUNS Number: 202116054

Main Products

  • UMT Plus: Work measurement software ideal for Time Studies, Lean Manufacturing, Work Sampling, and Self work sampling. Many organizations aren't sure how much time studies can improve their operations, and therefore profit. And, some of those who do recognize how critical the studies are performed them the "old way". Click here for more info.

  • UMT Audit: Now you can use a handheld computer or a Tablet PC to automate your assessments and eliminate the tedious task of data entry. Virtually any kind of audit can be pre-programmed so that you can log your observations quickly. This also allows you to standardize the audit process. Once your assessment is complete, easily transfer your data. Click here for more info.
  • UMT Flow: The most affordable and powerful process management software on the market. UMT Flow is a hybrid workflow software that amalgamates data through the internet in collaboration with a wireless network accessible on a variety of tablets and other devices. It’ primary objective is to inform relevant people and/or systems of the actual real-time status of any ongoing processes. Click here for more info.
  • UMT San: New sanitation management program designed specifically for Quebec hospitals but could be adapted for any facility. Using barcode technology, you are able to collect and track real-time data on actual cleaning times that are stored in a database. Routes can be generated using both standards per square footage or real-time data, making schedules more realistic and easier to manage. Click here for more info.

US Pricing

Please contact Nelson Lee at or call 514-526-8040 / 1-866-526-8040

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For more information about Canadian and international government contracts contact Erin Metcalfe at:

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