UMT AUDIT: How It Works

Standardize and optimize your audit or inspection process with UMT Audit inspection software. Any existing custom paper form can now be more effectively and efficiently done on a tablet, we'll show you how.

Your UMT Audit license includes 3 comprehensive software modules that work together to make your audits and inspections easier and more efficient:

1. Umt Audit Manager: Create, edit and manage inspection checklists

UMT Audit Manager allows you to easily create, edit and manage your audit at the comfort of your PC. You can use our templates, import your own or create a new custom audit. Most of our clients provide us with their ideal report template along with questions and answer types and we customize the software to work just as they want it to. We do offer training if you would rather do your own custom audits in-house. Once you have completed your configuration, with a simple click you can start your audit or inspection using a tablet or any mobile device.

Create audit checklist for tablet

Create lists and manage options

Within UMT Manager you can create indexes and navigational lists, generate a bank of questions and answers, specify predetermined notes, assign visibility conditions, and so much more.

Custom Audit Questions

Easily Program Each Question

Within the question bank, you can easily create and edit questions using the fields available on the screen. Each question can have associated answers, predetermined notes, associated images, relevant documents attached, detailed questions, photo triggers and much more. Remember - you have access to a virtually unlimited amount of questions that you can program.

Custom Audit Answers

Descriptive Answers

Make answering questions easier by providing detailed options with pre-programmed text. Answers can be programmed to prompt new questions depending on the selection. You can also set answers to be determined by numeric values and to automatically send corrective action notifications to specified team members. Once programmed, all your inspectors have to do is choose the answer that matches their assessment and all relevant data is collected and organized specifically to your settings. It's that simple!

The UMT Audit Manager Program has a wealth of features that help you to perform better audits faster. To learn more about how this program can benefit you, view our online demonstration.

2. Perform your audit/inspection with UMT Audit

Record your assessments easily on any mobile device- no more piles of paper!

UMT Audit is designed to facilitate and optimize your auditing process. Using a Tablet to perform your audit allows you to bring all information about the inspection with you and organizes all your audit assessments as you go.

Below is an example of what UMT Audit can look like on a Tablet. Not only is electronic data capture easier to record data on, they are also useful for storing all of the information that you may need to make an accurate assessment.

inspection app for tablets

With UMT Audit on your tablet or other mobile devices you can:

  • Simply choose the item that needs to be evaluated and all the information you need is there
  • Refer to programmed images, documents or descriptions to help define the task
  • Easily click on your pre-programmed answers
  • Attach voice memos and freehand notes on your device
  • Add comments from a selection of pre-defined notes
  • Cut, Copy and Paste your observations
  • Collaborate with other auditors
  • Add signatures
  • Easy to use, easy to train others to use.
  • And so much more...

The UMT Audit software program has a wealth of features that help you to make your assessments more efficient. See how using UMT Audit on a handheld can benefit you in your industry.

3. STAT Audit: Manage audit reports and non-conformance

Once you have completed your inspection your report is ready to be printed on-site, transferred online or reviewable and editable in the STAT Audit database and reporting module. Basic report templates are provided with the software, however, almost all of our clients have their own custom templates built into the software, so the reports look just how you want them. Create filters to sort data within the SQL database to generate better reports faster.

Audit reporting software

Faster and better-organized reports:

  • Audit Reports are immediately available once the data is synchronized
  • Pictures taken with your mobile devices are included as evidence
  • Reports are easily customizable and can include graphs and charts, etc. you decide what you want and we make it happen
  • Present professional documentation of the facts – at the close of the audit
  • Print reports directly from your handheld device
  • Corrective Actions can be assigned and alerts emailed at close of audit
  • Use filters to quickly access relevant data
Compliance management software

4. UMT Audit Enterprise: Optional web portal to schedule and manage audits

Organizations looking for a complete solution to manage all of their compliance can now have access to UMT Audit Enterprise: an online portal that allows you to store and manage each of your audits and corrective actions and access these online. This customizable web portal can be hosted on your own internal server or Laubrass can host it for you. UMT Audit Enterprise allows you to manage non-compliance issues, organize your data and regulate user rights. With individual log-ins and interactive reports, you can be assured that the right information is passed on to the right people.

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