6S Audit ToolUMT Audit comes complete with a 6S checklist template to get you started. Provide your team with a tool that lets you:
  • Standardize the 6S audit process
  • Perform and Manage regular 6S audits
  • Streamlines data collection
  • Generate reports instantly
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Professional Audit and Inspection SoftwareUMT Audit® Software makes any kind of audit or inspection easy and more efficient. Our software is flexible and customizable, so we can create a program that is just for your needs, whether it is a simple inspection template or a complete audit management program.

The software can be used with any tablet or mobile device, and audit results can be exported to reports or accessed securely online. A completely customizable audit solution has never been so powerful and so affordable.
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6s Audit - An easier way to follow the rules.

The 6S audit is a tool used to improve overall productivity in any industry. It’ based on the 5S checklist of five principles and includes Safety as the sixth "S". With Japanese origins, similar to Kaizen and other lean initiatives, a 6S audit checklist is used to keep any given area safe, organized, clean and structured in a way that makes it easiest to perform a task in a specific space.

The 6S checklist

Determine necessary and unnecessary items for the job in the work area and get rid of all unnecessary items.

Set in Order
Organize and order all items that have been determined necessary for the job, placing the most used items in the most readily available places.

Clean and de-clutter every surface.

It is important that every person in the work space is trained to perform the first three of the 5S’ in a standard uniform way.

Ensure that safety measures are put in place and that workers have a safe environment to perform in.

Keep up the improvements made and continually improve on them.

*The last “” is likely the hardest to achieve and most often where companies fail. Regular 5S audits should be scheduled following the initial one, however companies often do not have the resources or the time to manage continual audits. That is where UMT Audit software will help.

How does UMT Audit software help perform a better 6S audit?


  • You can customize the 6S checklist to address your specific needs.
  • Employees with little training get standardized results every time with predefined notes and answers./li>
  • Everything is at your fingertips. We can combine all your existing data bases with our software, and it can all be managed from a handheld computer.

How will using UMT Audit software benefit my organization?

Save time and money.
The entire data entry phase is eliminated, so your workload is cut in half.

Sharing information is easier and faster.
Our software is an electronic program that facilitates the quick dissemination of data.

You will always be prepared.
This 6S software can be customized over and over for any other kind of audit or study.

Case study 1.

QMI lead auditor, Michel Langlois, made the transition from tedious note taking to UMT Audit software and says he will never go back. “ my time is used more effectively because I don’ have to make sense of scribbled notes”, Langlois says.
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6S Checklist How To:

See an overview of how doing a 6S audit checklist on a handheld with the UMT Audit template can work.

Download the PowerPoint Presentation: 6S Audit Checklist Example

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