Safe & Security - Make safety your number one priority - not your audit.

Safety and security audits have one goal. To maintain high standards in order to ensure a safe and secure environment. When the risks are big, it’s important to deliver the best possible report. That’s where UMT Audit Software comes in.

How can UMT Audit security software help maintain high safety and security standards?

No room for errors.
The mandatory question and answer features ensures that all the critical information gets recorded.

Faster response times.
Reports are available instantly so areas flagged for improvement can be addressed immediately.

Easier on-site experience.
Because UMT Audit Software is on your handheld computer you have just one device. No more managing of multiple forms, papers or a camera.

Quick access to important information.
Your electronic files go with you everywhere in case you need to review.


New Partnership will improve safety protocol on construction sites.
We are launching a new technology development alliance with the highly acclaimed West Virginia University to develop a new software program to monitor and report on safety standards for construction sites.
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Case study

New case study: Using UMT AUDIT to perform Construction Site Safety Audits. Read how one company is saving more than 25% of the time spent on each of audit.
Construction Site Safety Audits Case Study

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