Motor Vehicle InspectionsCompletely automate any vehicle inspection process. Improve your business productivity. Improve your business.
  • Use current inspection forms on a Tablet PC / PDA
  • Personalize your inspection report templates
  • Customize where inspection data is sent
  • Print out diagnostic reports onsite or post online
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Professional Audit and Inspection SoftwareUMT Audit® Software makes any kind of audit or inspection easy and more efficient. Our software is flexible and customizable, so we can create a program that is just for your needs, whether it is a simple inspection template or a complete audit management program.

The software can be used with any tablet or mobile device, and audit results can be exported to reports or accessed securely online. A completely customizable audit solution has never been so powerful and so affordable.
Every company is different. So every audit is too.We've thought of that. Our software can be used in any industry for any type of inspection or audit. We provide you with the guidelines and examples you need, and then work with your existing information to make a template that best suits your demands in your industry.Choose your industry
Designed with you in mind.Whether you are an auditor, an inspector or a registrar, our software is designed to work for you. UMT Audit is a universal audit solution. We can design a program to address all the needs of your specific profession. We leave nothing out.Choose your profession
Learn from the proof.Ryder has automated its regular internal quality reviews with UmtAudit and the result is a savings of 3,900 working hours annually.Learn more

Vehicle Inspection - Multiple inspections with just one tool.

Start revolutionizing the way you do vehicle inspections. In any inspection, it’s important to pay attention to each and every detail, especially where safety is concerned. That’s why UMT Audit Software doesn’t miss a thing. And the result is a more thorough inspection – every time.

UMT AUDIT is completely customizable inspection software used by large industry clients to perform motor vehicle inspections on existing fleets and production lines. Also used by car dealers and auto mechanics to perform custom maintenance and accident reports for motor vehicles.

How can UMT Audit Software improve my vehicle inspections?

Eliminate errors.
Our software allows you to pre-program answer options, answer standards, relevant images and documents as well as mandatory answer fields, so whoever does the inspection won’t miss any important details.

Engaging your clients.
Using the WEB Audit module, you can save your reports on an online database that can be accessed by your clients or your internal team. Custom inspections, Custom reports and Custom online data base allow you to take your business to the next level.

Add more details.
During your vehicle inspection you will be able to insert everything for your report:

  • Directly relevant insert photos
  • Include predetermined notes
  • Include freehand or typed notes
  • Include standards and requirements with each inspection item
  • Directly insert signatures
  • Customize one-click answer options
  • Use specific ranges to determine answers
  • Set up your own report templates with the look and feel of your company
  • more...


How can UMT Audit Software benefit my company?

Save valuable time.
You no longer need to take notes, then enter it later into a database. All your information is entered only once – at the time of vehicle inspection.

Improve efficiency.
You no longer need to manage several files at once. Everything is one place - on your handheld computer during your vehicle inspection.

Go paperless.
All your vehicle inspection data can be posted online or on your PC. No more endless filing of unnecessary forms and papers.

Vehicle Inspection Software in the News

Paraguay vehicle inspection specialist, Falner Ruiz came to Canada to work with the Laubrass team to customize UMT Audit vehicle inspection software for his team. He chose UMT Audit because it was so easily customizable. The software was put onto 5 iPads that are connected to 5 vehicle inspection stations. He was even able to program the questions and answers and report in his own language because the software is so customizable.

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