Windows TabletsWindows 8 Intel® processor-based tablets offer built-in security, manageability, and strong battery life capabilities, giving you more options to better support a smooth transition to digital audits and inspections. Take a look at the various tablet options and see which device suits your needs best.See options
Surface by MicrosoftWe recommend this powerful PC in tablet form, weighing in at 2 lbs with an Intel?(R) CoreTM i5 processor. This tablet will work with all the advanced features of UMT Audit software and will also provide you with the security and manageability of a PC. Visit the Surface Website
Handheld USIf you need a device that is more rugged and able to endure specific conditions, Hanhdheld US has several options that are compatible with UMT Products, including their Algiz 7 & 8 Tablet PCs and their Nautiz X5 & X7 rugged PDAs. Suited for outdoor use or any type of harsh environment.
Visit their Website
Motorolla ES400The Motorolla ES400 is a sophisticated Enterprise Digital Assistant that empowers mobile workers to capture photos, videos, barcodes and documents instantly. With a  a 600 MHz processor and a micro-SD card slot that supports up to 32GB of additional memory you have all the power and memory you need for capturing accurate data.Visit the Motorolla Website

How do I choose the right Mobile or Tablet device?

Know your basic needs

What type of audits or inspections do you want to be able to do? What type of features will you need from your hardware selection to be able to meet those needs?

Camera feature UMT AUDIT allows you to directly insert evidential photos to your reports
Voice Recordings UMT AUDIT allows you to attach voice memos to elements
GPS Tracking UMT AUDIT allows you to integrate GPS locations with your inspection
Barcode or RFID Scanner UMT AUDIT allows you to integrate and insert scanned codes to any item
Bluetooth and WiFi Capabilities How do you want to be able to transfer data?

Know your organizational needs

Who will be performing your audits or inspections? Different types of auditors may require different types of PDAs or Tablet PCS according to their environment and their habits.

Length of live study Determine if you will need extended or back up battery life
Environmental Hazards Determine if you will need any protective casing or ruggedized equipment
Portability Do you have more of a need for smaller more portable devices, or is a larger screen size a bigger need?
Budget Prices can range from $300 to over $3,000 per PDA or Tablet device

System Requirements

Determine if the UMT Audit software will work within your network. Click below to see system requirements for Tablets, PCs and what you need to host the shared data base.
UMT AUDIT System Requirements (PDF)

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