Take control of your processesUMT Flow is a new workflow program that provides you with all of the tools you need to improve any process.

You can define, manage, initiate, notify and track each step of any process in REAL TIME.

Discover today how a minimal investment can provide you with maximum process flow management.
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Optimize processes with UMT FLOW workflow management software

UMT Flow is is a hybrid software that amalgamates data through the internet in collaboration with a wireless network accessible on a variety of tablets and other devices. This new workflow management software program allows you to optimize your processes at an affordable price.

How can UMT Flow software improve my processes?

Control processes.

With UMT Flow you can define, manage, initiate and track each and every step of your workflow.

See it as it happens.

UMT Flow provides REAL TIME visualization of your workflow and jobs (status, path, tasks with start and end time, variables, assignees).

Secure access anywhere at any time.

UMT Flow is web based and has a mobile end-user interface to accomplish actions on tasks in your workflows.

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What does UMT Flow offer?

Custom made.

UMT Flow includes a process designer that has all necessary tools to create flow charts, define steps, transitions, assignees, variables and workflow business rules.

Inclusive Dashboard.

You can manage your process flow from anywhere. UMT Flow has a process dashboard that allows you to initiate workflows and track status, variable values and time spent.


Your process can be set in a variety of ways with a variety of triggers and actions required before initiating the next step of the process. Using UMT flow for workflow management is a cost effective way to better track your tasks and over time optimize the complete process flow.

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