Visual and reliable work space mapping and planning

UMT IQ is a sophisticated workspace mapping tool that uses actual workflow data to simulate productivity within work space designs.

UMT IQ is a crucial tool to help you design new work spaces or improve on existing layouts.

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UMT IQ provides an empirical measure of workflow productivity and efficiency.

UMT IQ is a revolutionary space planning, layout design, and material handling planning software that offers the most advanced layout optimization methodology currently available. The UMT IQ interface and wizards take the user through the layout optimization process in an easy-to-use format that was designed for the non-engineer.

Analyze the complete flow of your work space

Multiple factors can be integrated into simulations including quantity of flow for people, product, equipment and other resources. Working with a mathematical engine that calculates the number of trips between locations and between equipment, makes it easier to understand and improve workspace flow.

Visualize workflow

UMT IQ software gives you a representative visual of actual movement through your workspace. A graphical environment allows for an easy overview interface to work with. Actual paths of travel and straight-line paths can be modeled to evaluate aisle effectiveness.

Integrated calculations

UMT IQ software is compatible with all CAD software, enabling inclusion of distances between locations. With these toolsets, UMT IQ is able to dynamically calculate travel distance as equipment is placed and moved in the layout.

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How can UMT IQ be used to improve productivity and flow within my work space?

Start Smart.

Before building a new hospital or modifying existing operations, begin with the right design. Most layout design and optimization projects take months to complete and result in sub-optimal designs. UMT IQ was designed to optimize the organization of workspace and workflow before building starts. With UMT IQ, optimal results can be achieved in less than half the time when compared with traditional engineering methods.

Rapidly test layout scenarios.

UMT IQ includes a method for rapidly creating unlimited alternative designs and comparing those designs with a benchmark. The benchmark could be an existing layout, or a new design. UMT IQ's multiple scenario capability provides rapid evaluation of an unlimited number of layout options. The optimized layout can also be exported to AutoCAD® or to the dynamic simulation package of your choice.

Be Lean.

The elimination of excess and unnecessary travel, motion, and process complexity is a primary objective of Lean project implementation. Nothing impacts the productivity and profitability of an organization more than the constraints and excesses caused by the inefficient organization of facilities and work spaces. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies emphasize measuring key criteria such as travel distance to reduce waste and inefficiency, this is what UMT IQ does!

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