Play... with a purposeAre you looking to motivate your team to get on board with your process improvement plans? Show your co-workers how to increase productivity by following proven techniques used by world class companies.

UMT Play lets you simulate a production environment and actually witness real changes in the rate of productivity each time a new technique is implemented.
Process Improvement TechniquesThe training takes teams through 4 basic steps to realize performance improvement through simulation using building blocks. In the first step the team tries to fulfil needs on their own. The following techniques are then introduced; visual work stations, LEAN, TPM and Toyota Kata management approcah. Through each process improvement step the production rate increases.
Lean strategies trainingLean strategies in manufacturing involves a series of activities aimed at minimizing waste and non value added operations from production, customer relations, product design, supplier networks and factory management to improve the value added process. 

Understanding lean strategies and most improtantly how they relate specifically to your industry is crucial to the success of a sustainable continuous improvement plan. UMT Play helps identify the right lean strategies for your organization.
Analytical skillsThroughout the UMT Play training experience participants are required to actively analyze the work being done and the effect that the new techniques have had on the simulated process. Break out sessions allow for analysis of actual processes within your organization that can similarly benefit from the techniques used. 

Active analytical participation from employees and management allows for an open environment to establish where and how your organization can imporve.
Your unique team building experienceYour team will have the opportunity to learn new techniques, engage in organizational improvement strategies and  actively participate in a team building experience.

UMT Play can be sent as a kit to your organization, or we can come in and facilitate the training for you.
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NEW! Lean Training Game Kit

Use building block simulation exercises to focus and train your team.

UMT PLAY is a fun and interactive tool that is being used by leading consultants and individual organizations across North America. This specialized game kit comes with building blocks, training videos and strategy cards and can be led internally or with an outside consultant. The sophisticated kit was developed by leading consultants experienced in training teams working towards improving their process and optimizing productivity.

Ignite genius within your company today with this innovative experiential game kit that will empower your team with:

    Process improvement techniques
    Lean strategies training
    Analytical skills
    Your unique team building experience
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