iOSNew version of our UMT Plus Work measurement software for iOS devices including iPhone, iPads and iPods is available on the app store.

Purchase the time study app directly from apple, then unlock the software by licensing the PC modules with Laubrass.

UMT Plus has been developed over 20 years, always improving and adapting to new technology to give you the best work measurement software on the market.

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Many of our continuous improvement solutions leverage latest technology including Android OS devices.  This gives you a wide variety of affordable and reliable mobile devices to choose from to start improving the way you manage your processes and collect data. 

Android Compatibility Grid
Windows TabletsWindows 8 Intel® processor-based tablets offer built-in security, manageability, and strong battery life capabilities, giving you more options to better support a smooth transition to digital audits and inspections. Take a look at the various tablet options and see which device suits your needs best.See options

Apps for a variety of mobile devices

Laubrass solutions are extremely versatile when it comes to where and how they can be used. We aim to deliver products that work with your environment, this includes custom apps that work on iPads, iPhones, Windows laptops or tablets and Android phones and tablets.


When considering what kind of mobile device is right for your company you'll need to consider the following features:

Camera feature Do you want the ability you to directly insert evidential photos to your reports
Voice Recordings Will you want to attach voice memos to elements
GPS Tracking UMT Products can integrate GPS locations
Barcode or RFID Scanner Are you going to integrate and insert scanned codes
Bluetooth and WiFi Capabilities How do you want to be able to transfer data?
Length of live study Determine if you will need extended or back up battery life
Environmental Hazards Determine if you will need any protective casing or ruggedized equipment
Existing Devices Determine if your company already has mobile devices that you can utilize
Portability Do you have more of a need for smaller more portable devices, or is a larger screen size a bigger need?
Budget Prices can range from $300 to over $3,000 per PDA or Tablet device


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