Approximation Optimization Software and Consulting

Laubrass offers consulting services utilizing UMT Quantis, powered by QuantisWeb®, the latest advance in adaptive Stochastic Approximation Optimization software systems.

With the additions of Decision Theory, Analytical Hierarchy and Optimization, to novel mDDOE mathematics, UMT Quantis puts control of experimentation into the hands of investigators.

UMT Quantis is a patented multi-objectives (targets) and multivariate Stochastic Approximation Optimization methodology and software which offers an alternative to traditional DOE methods; Expert Systems; Optimization, Simulation, Statistical software; Data Mining and last but not least "trial and error" to formulate or optimize a product recipe or a manufacturing process simultaneously.

Need help with a new product formula? Stuck doing too many experiments with not enough results?

Decreased experimentation time

As the experimenter directs practical input limits, perceived constraints, and desired weighted outputs, the system learns while working through iterations to refine patterns, to yield cost efficient, optimized results quickly.

Increased adaptability to any project

UMT Quantis software is powerful and adaptable enough to be used for radical and incremental innovation, formulation and process development, product and manufacturing optimization, Lean Sigma data mining projects and design optimization.
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