Help your Industrial Engineers Create, Share and Manage engineered labor standards better than any spreadsheet ever could.

bg_slide4UMT Standards is a flexible and modern database application designed by industrial engineers to efficiently record, build and manage engineered time standards.

Most companies know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Similarly, if you are not properly managing your measurements, then your data can quickly become irrelevant. That’s where UMT Standards can help. UMT Standards allows your team to input work measurement data collected using various techniques, including time study and predetermined motion time system elements, into a flexible, modern and easy-to-use engineered labor standards database. All of your measurements are always accessible and up to date in one organized and secured location.

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How can UMT Standards help you with managing engineered labor standards?

Easily import data

With UMT Standards you can quickly import time study data directly from UMT Plus and radar collected data files, or use predetermined motion time system (PMTS) calculations, apply Personal & Fatigue Allowances and more.

Effectively build standards

UMT Standards gives you the ability to collaborate with multiple engineers and quickly review and analyze element details. Includes easy element grouping for developing your engineered labor standards.

Access standards anywhere at any time.

UMT Standards has a professional user-friendly interface that can be quickly accessed by your whole team or used offline when not connected to your network. No more sorting through endless excel spreadsheets, accurate up-to-date ELS information will always be a click away.

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